"Every picture tells a story don't it!" - Rod Stewart/Ron Wood (1971)

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It used to be the site for Blue Rose Farm, but we sold our horse farm and so I have re-purposed the website. That's all...]

Blue Rose Foto

P. Larry Nelson

Email: lnelson at BRF-LLC dot com

Phone: (217) 693-7418
[Note: this is a landline and doesn't accept texting]

Welcome to my web site for Blue Rose Foto! I live with my lovely wife, Pamela, our two cats D'Artagnan (the puma) & George (the panther), in a lovely limestone cottage we call Blue Rose Cottage in Champaign, IL, USA and work from home.

All prints are in large format (roughly A2 size - or around 16" x 20") Finished product can be as big as 21" x 25" when framed. They are matted, signed, and framed. (scroll to bottom for other options) Prices vary from a bit under $100 to a bit over $200 - depending... Smaller sizes available on request like A3 or even A4, but the smaller you go, the less of a visual impact you will have. Not recommended.

Sample photos - more coming and in a better presentation in the near future. For all pictures on this site, if you want to see a larger version, for Chrome and Safari: right-click on the photo and choose "Open Image in New Tab". For Firefox: right-click on photo and choose "View Image". For Microsoft IE or Edge or Opera, I have no clue. I've never used them. :-)

<-- Abbott Hissing ----------------- Battered Warriors -->

<-- Hoarfrost Study #11 ------ GNP Rainbow -->

<-- Gaea's Spine ------ Stormy Douglas -->

<-- Krannert ---------------- The "Blue Rose" my 1990 FLHS Harley -->

<-- A Dandy Lion ------ SROVOC Abstract -->

More Fotos

My vision of photography, that is to say, capturing and freezing moments, encompasses an eclectic mix of color and B&W, structural (natural, man-made, and combinations of the two) and images that can inspire the viewer, draw them in and perhaps make them question what they are seeing, and then let the viewer form their own interpretations. I have no defined genre - it's whatever captivates me at the moment. I do not look at a potential scene for its possible salability, but rather, would I want this hanging on my wall where I can be mesmerized and moved by it. I also feel (hence the first line at the top of my website) that every picture tells a story - either explicitly, or a story that the viewer brings to it, or just finding out the backend story, whether it be profound or just whimsical - sometimes a mix of the two.

I am basically a minimalist (as one can tell from my rudimentary, uncomplicated web site). What that means is that all my photos (fotos, if you will) are minimally tweaked. I do not use Photoshop or any of the other fancy-schmancy high-end tools and their horrendous learning curves. I use (and have for some 20 years or more) only Google's Picasa (unfortunately not supported anymore, but still works just fine - thank you!) and then only to crop, straighten, add/subtract light or contrast, switch color to B&W, or tweak color temperature, add borders and copyrights, etc. No tricks, no gimmicks. So, what you see here is damn close to what I saw when I took the picture. That's why I took it.

Other purchase options:
  • I can do smaller than 16"x20" - like standard 11"x14" and 8"x10" sizes - if you'd rather.
  • No glass, no frame, but matted and signed (cheaper)
  • Just a print, un-matted, signed on the back (cheapest)
  • I can also do blank greeting cards with picture of your choice (5" x 7" plus envelopes)
  • Awards:

  • First place for "Winter's Kiss", Champaign Town & Country Art Show (1988)
  • Second place for "Late Afternoon From Duncan Road", Champaign Town & Country Art Show (1988)
  • First place for "Abbott Study #21", Champaign Town & Country Art Show and subsequent First Place and Best of Show, State Town & Country Art Show (1989)


  • House of Art, Champaign, IL - circa late '80's (no longer in business)
  • The Studio Art Gallery (Phyllis Rash Hughes), Urbana, IL - circa early '90's (no longer in business)


    More Fotos

    ! Pamela Nelson now offering - Animal Communication Sessions !

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